Somatic Therapy


What is Somatic psychoTherapy?

Somatic Psychotherapist believe that in order to treat mental health we have to incorporate both the mind and body to be able to heal the whole person. Somatic Therapists have studied and researched how the body holds past traumas and that within the body you can see trauma reflected in facial expressions, posture, muscular pain, or other forms of body language. Talk therapy can help address this trauma, but therapeutic body techniques help to process through and release the trauma.

Somatic Therapies are based off of modern day science and are continually being validated as Evidence-Based. It is a growing form of therapy that is becoming more and more renowned as the way to healing trauma.


Sensorimotor psychotherapy, created by Pat Ogden, is body-based talk therapy, integrating current findings from neuroscience to transform traumatic memories into strengths and resources for the client. It works with developmental trauma, such as maternal lack of attunement, as well as acute or gross trauma like sexual abuse, violence, or verbal abuse. Sensorimotor therapists work on mindfulness and collaboration with the client, repeatedly asking permission to do each experiment or process along the way.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy emphasizes helping clients develop resources within themselves to be able to self-regulate affect, or to move out of the fight/flight/freeze response, and into a higher-functioning mode where they can think clearly and feel appropriately. Clients can become less reactive and more proactive in their relationships, work, and families. They also benefit by developing the ability to regulate interactively with others.


I am a Level 2 trained Sensorimotor Psychotherapist. The foundation of Sensorimotor sessions is mindfulness. Client’s will be asked to track their body sensations and to work on sitting with the body. However, many of us have road blocks to being able to access the body. Many experiments are used to help find safe and effective ways to be with the body. I recognize that going into the body is scary for many people but it is my intention to create safe ways to access the body at the client’s own pace. It is expected that a client will struggle with mindfulness skills and body awareness. This is hard work and I invite client’s to be “C” students along the way.

If you would like to find out more about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy please visit their website here. You can hear the creator or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Pat Ogden, discuss what may happen in a session…